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Film Threat Magazine On Hiatus; Gore Pondering Future

Film Threat Magazine On Hiatus; Gore Pondering Future

Film Threat Magazine On Hiatus; Gore Pondering Future

by Eugene Hernandez

Chris Gore, founder and publisher of Film Threat magazine, has revealed
that the publication is on hiatus and that he is considering folding the
magazine. Citing difficulties in securing investments to support his
recently formed publishing company, Gore decided to halt publication
with the April/May 1997 issue. However, in a telephone conversation
yesterday he stated that a final decision on the fate of the magazine
lies in the hands of the readers and in his ability to raise funding.

Gore admitted that after buying the magazine back from Larry Flynt
last Spring with his own funds, he had hoped to continue
fulfillment with $500,000 raised through investments. He explained that
his approach was not unlike that of an independent filmmaker who begins
production on a film prior to having all the funding in place.
Yesterday, Gore posted a message to readers on the Film Threat website
explaining the situation and seeking input on how to proceed — wait for
funding or suspend publication altogether.

Founded in 1985, Film Threat began as a fanzine in Detroit, Michigan and
grew into a popular publication for underground and independent film. In
1991 Gore sold the magazine to LFP, who owned the publication until he
bought it back in April of 1996. Explaining the current situation, Gore
stated that the magazine’s financial difficulties will not affect his
company’s popular Film Threat Video, which is set to distribute and sell
10 movies this fall or Film Threat Online and the Film Threat Weekly
email service. In addition, Gore revealed that he has signed a two-book
deal with St. Martin’s Press for a series of FT books.

Gore admits that he is not sure how to proceed, confirming, “How readers
and subscribers respond is really going to dictate the decision.” While
he openly questions whether Film Threat, the print magazine, is really
necessary, he remains hopeful that, if it’s what his readers want, he
can secure investments to keep the publication alive, “I am looking for
funding and answers.”

Film Threat is accessible on the Internet @

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Peter Vognoc

And Film Threat is forever tarnished thanks to its new owner, Mark Bell! In the summer of 2011 he started two failed crowd funding campaigns to relaunch the paper magazine in September of 2011. When questioned about the logic of launching a paper publication in the iPad era Mark Bell refused to address any of the questions, accused anyone who questioned his tactics as a personal attack on him, dismissed them as "haters."

The September 2011 relaunch of the paper magazine never happened. For four months he has been silent.

Either Mark Bell never intended to relaunch the magazine or he had hoped to pull rabbit out of his hat (considering he'd only raised 5 grand), failed to do so and has hoped the world wouldn't notice.

We noticed Mark. What you've done is awfully close to fraud. You'll invent health reasons, you'll do your next round of blathering double-talk but your actions now show you for who you really are; a failed businessman and a liar.

Paige Ford Bannister

Hey, it’s Paige! Joe Sopko’s ex and raisin pooper in your mom’s bath facility! I saw you recently on REELz cable station regarding a piece on John Cusack! I’ve always loved John, and I’m glad you gave him props! So Sorry Film Threat is in trouble! Magazines, unfortunately, are becoming dinosaurs of the past??? It’s “All You Tube for God Sakes.”

I’m living in rural Michigan with two kids on a glacially dug set of lakes. We have a cool hockey rink like Jeff Daniels! Lots of filming south of us in Detroit City. My “Baby Daddy” met George Clooney measuring inches at The Cliff Bells Jazz Club Monday night in the Motor City. George told Phil that he will be back in March for two weeks to shoot a movie. The “Irishman” was filmed here (Chris Walken, Val Kilmer), also. There’s stuff happening! Detroit 187 with Michael Imperioli, etc. (Although it may be cancelled) Any ties still to Royal Oak?

I haven’t seen Joe recently, but I’d like to find out what’s up with his creative, freaky self!
Take Care! Email me sometime!

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