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Dean Grant for Docs: Finalists Announce

Dean Grant for Docs: Finalists Announce

by Aaron Krach

Studio Film & Tape Inc. announced the fived finalists for the 4th Annual
Roy W. Dean Grant competition. Worth $35,000 in film stock and services,
the Roy W. Dean Grant goes to a documentary film project that makes “a
contribution to humanity.” The five finalists were chosen from 350
applicants. The five finalists will now pitch their films at an awards
ceremony April 29th. The presentations will be judged by a panel of
documentary filmmakers including Barbara Trent, “The Panama Deception
and Robert Monticello, “Ramblini Gal.”

Carole Dean, daughter of Roy W. Dean and president of Studio Film & Tape
Inc. said, “My father was a firm believer that once you put the raw film
in the hands of the filmmaker, he or she will get the project made.”
Through the Roy W. Dean Grant, Carole Dean has assisted in the
production of eleven documentaries.

The five finalists are; Gary Manard, “Between Heaven and Earth,” Guy
Morgan and Yvette Rodriquez, “If the Silence Could Be Broken,” Charles
Schultz, “No Rite of Way -Two Scales of Justice,” Aishah Shadidah
Simmons and Tamara L. Xavier, “No! (The Rape Documentary)” and Gina
Todus and Cindy Burstein, “Truck Stop.”

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