iPOP at the New York Premiere for “Nicholas Nickleby”

iPOP at the New York Premiere for "Nicholas Nickleby"

by indieWIRE

iPOP at the New York Premiere for “Nicholas Nickleby”

WHO: “Nicholas Nickleby” stars Charlie Hunnam, Jamie Bell and Heather Goldenhersh. Also at the party, Michael Stipe, Heather Matarazzo U.A. chief Bingham Ray and Matt Dillon

WHAT: “Nicholas Nickleby” premiere (United Artists)

WHEN: December 17 , 2002

WHERE: St. Bartholemew’s Church on Park Avenue

Who’s that cutie hiding under a beard and hat? “Nicholas Nickleby” star Charlie Hunnam at the New York premiere for the film directed by Douglas McGrath at St. Bartholemew’s Church in Midtown. That’s who!

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

“Nicholas” star Heather Goldenhersh and Matt Dillon enjoying conversation and the crowd during the after party.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

“Welcome to the Dollhouse” star Heather Matarazzo gives a “chin chin” and a lovely smile between sips of wine amid the festivities.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

In town for the event for his role in “Nicholas Nickleby,” Jamie Bell gets caught with a camera flash amidst socializing with his many many party admirers.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

C-Hundred and Single Cell’s Michael Stipe (also of REM fame) posing in the middle of a power chat with U.A. chief Bingham Ray.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

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