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The Fellowship of Michael Moore

The Fellowship of Michael Moore


�With Frodo (Harvey) and Sam (Bob) now in charge of the Fellowship, I welcome the addition of Lions Gate and IFC to our quest in bringing good family entertainment to the viewing public,� said Michael Moore about the release of “Fahrenheit 9-11” (as planned) before Independence Day.

So my question is if Harvey and Bob Weinstein are Frodo and Sam, respectively, is “Fahrenheit 9-11” the ring? And if so, is it evil, a tempting force, consuming the lives of all those who behold it? And does that mean Michael Moore is Lord Aragon? And is IFC President Jonathan Sehring the archer Legolas Greenleaf, or he is Pippin, a small Hobbit with sizable courage? And who is Lions Gate CEO Jon Feltheimer? Is he Gandalf, the old cloaked figure always coming to the rescue of Miramax’s mishaps? To follow the metaphor to its logical completion, I guess that makes Michael Eisner Saruman.

So what exactly are the Weinstein brothers implying with this “Fellowship Adventure Group”? In addition to the fun analogies it provides and the slight dig against the White House’s “coalition of the willing,” is it also a direct rebuff against Disney for not letting Miramax take Lord of the Rings on without New Line?

One industry observer recently told me that the more companies involved, the more we all know Harvey and Bob are the real heros of this story. If you bring in IFC, for example, that dilulates Lions Gate’s involvement with the film, and vice versa. This way, Harvey and Bob get their ring, and get to it wear it, too.

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A Alexander Stella

Well, quite a few right-wing partisans are now blaming the ‘media’ for exacerbating the recent scandals, in which the current administration is immersed. Isn’t it funny? What really set their teeth on edge was a remark by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. How dare she claim that President George W Bush is – gasp! – INCOMPETENT.

If you happen to believe that she hit the nail on the head, you might enjoy reading my proposed version of a state of the union that the NEXT president should deliver. To access it, you need only click on the hi-lited hyperlink below.

By the way, the proprietors of the website have provided a couple ways for you to leave your comments.


Call me latent, but I more immediately noticed the acronym – F.A.G. Perhaps Bob and Harvey have something like what Frodo and Sam did on-screen, a very, very close relationship.

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