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ONION | CIA Asks Bush To Discontinue Blog

ONION | CIA Asks Bush To Discontinue Blog

The Onion reports on President George W. Bush’s blog:

“I would hate for the president to inadvertently put American soldiers at risk,” [CIA Director John E.] McLaughlin said. “We work hard to maintain the integrity of state secrets. When we see the president posting details of troop movements, international counter-terrorism negotiations, and even the nuclear launch codes, as he did on Monday, we have to step up and say something.”

Bush said he could not understand McLaughlin’s anger, characterizing his blog as a “personal thing written for friends and family or whoever” and therefore “none of the CIA’s business.”

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Jonathan Faber

Come on Eugene. This can’t be real – funny but not real. I went to Bush’s blog ( site and he was talking about putting ‘Yosemite Sam’ mud flaps on the presidential limo.

Thanks for the link – the blog is hilarious. I’ll send it out on my e-mail list.


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