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Think Twice Before Buying Fuji Film

Think Twice Before Buying Fuji Film

I realize that not all filmmakers and indie-film lovers hate the Bush administration as much as I do, but how many of you care about being watched and monitored by our government? As if Ashcroft and his extremist band of prosecutors and judges haven’t done enough to destroy our civil liberties, you couldn’t walk around New York City during RNC week without being watched from above — by the Fuji Film blimp.


If you looked closely at the blimp that had been circling the city and hovering over its widespread protests (to presumably take snapshots and surveil the crowds), you’d see the NYPD logo emblazoned underneath.

While it should come as no surprise that corporations would do the government’s bidding, shouldn’t there be some law against such an explicit collusion between public authorities and private companies?

Blimp and Chopper.jpeg

The Associated Press reported that “Police officials refused to say how the blimp was being used, but Fujifilm spokesman Tom Shay confirmed Monday that NYPD officers were on board, free of charge, at the department’s request.”

“When it’s been possible to provide the blimp for surveillance, we’ve done that,” Shay said. “We normally would be flying anyway at the convention to give our brand name exposure.”

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Perhaps it hasn’t crossed the minds of the folks at Fuji Film, but from now on, I will associate the “Fuji brand” with police intimidation, Big Brother surveilliance, and the end of civil liberties in America. If you’re a filmmaker with a conscience, as I trust most of you are, you might think twice the next time you purchase film stock from Fuji, the unofficial film of the NYPD and GOP.

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I dont understand your complaint, exactly how are your civil liberties being infringed upon by the NYPD watching over a demonstration? Also, is it any different if they are on the ground watching or in the air watching? How does your and maybe two other individuals stopping your purchase of fuji film defend/fight for your rights? Just one more question, altho repetitious as it may be, Which one of your civil liberties were being violated by police observation of a protest from the air? Oh and also, I hope you realize it is your right to peacefully assemble that allows demonstrations like that one to take place, and also your right to petition,assemble,freedom of the press that allow you to actually fight for any freedoms you feel are in jeopardy, posting your complaints on a small web page solves no problems, infact it shows your complaiceny, which i might add is the only real risk to your freedoms, because democracy stops existing when words are no longer followed by action.

Before you continue to critisize your government, perhaps you should take note of the very fact that America is a place that defends your right to critisize it.


Amen to that, Tony K. Fuck Fuji!

anonymous coward

I don’t think you’re smoking enough pot… you didn’t manage to mention how Bush was responsible for the Lindberg kidnapping…

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