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Austin Election Party 1.0

Austin Election Party 1.0

Okay, so at my apartment in Austin, people have arrived. We’re watching the coverage, there’s a bit of a lull. But things are good, people are numbing whatever we have on the horizon, whether it be pain or celebration. I have a bottle of Dom in the fridge ready to go, whether it is to drown our sorrows or exclaim the birth of a new Presidency.

Currently, Bush has 171 Electoral Votes and Kerry has 112… Texas went Bush, big surprise! I still voted, my friends still voted. A lot of them were for Kerry… sadly, I can’t say the same for my family…. many states are still up in the air…

Meanwhile, at the Election Party, we have a 16 month-old up WAYYYY past her bedtime, various Austin film folks, and we’re all drinking heavily. More soon….

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