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National Board of Review Embarrassingly Stupid

National Board of Review Embarrassingly Stupid

“The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures has tapped Jerry Bruckheimer to receive its 2004 Producer’s Award.” Sounds like a joke, a lead from The Onion, you guess? Nope, it’s true, the NRB, the 95-year-old film organization, has completely lost its mind and any shred of respect this year.

NBR president Annie Schulhof told Variety, “The organization is thrilled to be honoring (Bruckheimer) again. Whether engaged in large-scale action-adventure blockbusters or more intimate character-driven productions, the Bruckheimer signature guarantees a film of distinction.”

Ha! She can’t be serious. Who pays off these people? Bruckheimer’s distinctive contributions to cinema this year include the Nicholas Cage classic “National Treasure” and Antoine Fuqua’s “King Arthur” and that doesn’t count serving as inspiration for Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “Team America: World Police.”

These are dire times. Award-giving bodies must be stopped.

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i totally agree with anthony about jerry bruckheimer. when i heard about this i thought are they joking? it is truly sad that someone would actually take the time to defend him with a comment. gina writes, “i think that anyone who is able to do what he has done for as long as he has done it successfully should be honored.” Then next year they should honor charles shyer for his incredible body of work. if people in the indpendent film community actually can not see how idiotic it is to honor a producer who has single handedly help to dumb down american cinema, we will all be lost.


Never did I think I would defend the NBR but here goes. What is up with you Anthony? Are you really this upset about Bruckheimer? I would hope that you would be more concerned with the politics of the IFP a group that not only moved their awards in order to get more attention, but nominated films of the year that are not going to be voted on by their membership (and to me seem quite questionable- I mean what happened to Hotel Rwanda- a film that is more important than the inane I Heart Huckabees- are people really that taken with a concept that you should have thought about when you were nine- no wonder America votes for Bush, of course we are all connected to each other). It seems to me that you question an organization that has never claimed to be a champion of Indie Film. Bruckheimer is a prolific producer, who has made a name for himself in television as well as film. His films have more diversity than any indie film I have seen, has helped launch the careers of a number of directors and actors (good or bad). So get over yourself. I am not a Bruckheimer fan, but I think that anyone who is able to do what he has done for as long as he has done it successfully should be honored.



I agree, these are dire times. I also agree that this award is a complete joke. However, award-giving bodies are, I think, to be mainly ignored. They aren’t, IMHO, worth expending the energy it would take to stop them.

Rage Hard!



Is this any different than our Presidential election? Looks like the lowest common denominator and the “blow ’em up good” parts of the Bible are the new black in this country.

Cine Boy

Pearl harbor sucks, just a little more than I miss youuuuuuuu…

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