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The Widening Gap

The Widening Gap

In response to an indieWIRE article today further exploring the apparent split happening among the IFPs (“With IFP/LA Exploring Change, Producers Hope and Vachon Speak Out; Dawn Hudson and Marcus Hu Respond”), there is a growing list of comments being posted by indieWIRE readers.

The reactions underscore the widening gap that exists within the aging independent film community. For example consider the differences between established independent film producers versus indies who are working far outside “the system”. A younger generation of producers view the landscape differently and have a new set of needs that are from those of their indie forebears. The role played by the IFP when the established producers were getting started is in flux, this is one of the challenges facing an IFP, or any other group, that seeks to serve independent film producers.

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Pierre Lorillard

IFP|LA has gone through a lot of changes over the years. I remember when we commoners were aloud to party at Dawn Hudson house and it made us feel like we were really hob knobbing with professionals in the industry and of course IFP|WEST always gave the best Christmas Parties etc. I remember the first Indie Spirit awards they could not even get members to come now members have to have an inside track or win a raffle to get in because we are competing with seats for our own events with corporate America & special interest groups. I have always wanted to see a column in the IFPWest Calendar and Filmmaker Magazine about comments from the members on how the organization is run but as members we don’t really get a forum in our own organization. I would love to see the organization truly helping true independents with such things as high cost of production insurance and P&A. It would be nice to setup a pension & health program for all independent workers that would carry over from job to job.

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