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Game 6, Anyone?

Game 6, Anyone?

Today was an incredibly busy Sunday of NBA playoffs, especially Texas basketball. The San Antonio Spurs were blasted by the Seattle Supersonics, bringing their series to 2 games to 2. Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks toasted the Phoenix Suns, also taking that series to 2 games to 2. This was a particularly compelling game, as former Mavs player Steve Nash did an exceptional job on his current team (The Suns), but that simply wasn’t enough. Now, things in the Eastern Conference semifinals are moving a bit more sluggishly, and my Texas fandom keeps me interested in what happens on the Western Conference side of things.

Having said that, I’m in a bind. If we’re lucky, the Dallas Mavericks will win Game 5 on Wednesday night. But, if Game 6 must happen, it will be in Dallas on Friday. What does that matter? I’m going to Dallas on Thursday, with plans to leave the very next day. But, if Game 6 happens, I wanna try and stay and get tickets. Why does it all have to be so unpredictable? Why does it have to be such an entertaining semifinals round?

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meanwhile, in the EAST… My defending World Champion Detroit Pistons evened their series with Indiana. My call? Pistons in 7. Come on DETROIT!

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