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Mid-fest Break

Mid-fest Break

Attending a festival can be a rather grueling experience. My days have been starting at 7:30 a.m. to catch a morning screening, then a press conference, a quick lunch, and a few hours in front of my computer writing and editing, before another movie and/or dinner, a trip back to the hotel to drop off my computer and the large amount of materials that I collect over the course of the day, followed by a party or two. Then 4 – 5 hours of sleep before it starts again. Not to complain of course, I have a terrific job…but I at a place like Cannnes its important to take a mid-fest break…

I took that break today for 4 hours, skipping the morning screening of Jim Jarmusch’s “Broken Flowers,” I am anxious to see it, but fortunately it will come to America soon enough. Getting an extra two hours of sleep and having an hour to re-organize the piles of papers, press kit, and clothing that have accumulated around my bed at the hotel was an important priority.

Here’s to another week in France!

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