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Meserve Island

Meserve Island


In Newagen, ME yesterday evening…fog settles in as we (Brian, Sharon, Tim, Elektra and I) arrive at the Meserve house before heading to Camp Schatz in Manchester, ME for our annual 4th of July weekend trip.

Contrary to local tour guides in Newagen, the island and home pictured here was not owned by Margaret Hamilton (aka the Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz”), but by her son Hamilton Meserve and his wife Helen (parents of our friend Scott). However, Margaret Hamiton did spend many summers on this island with family, until she died in 1985.

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THat’s an awesome photo. I wish I could have known Margaret Hamilton! She knew my great-aunt, but I never got the opportunity to ask Aunt Sue about Maggie because Aunt Sue died and I missed out on asking about what Maggie was like. From what I read and seen in photos, Maggie seems to me like she was a really sweet grandmother type person! Tell Scott that I and other fans of his grandmother would love to read an autobiography on her!!! hint, hint! ;) Lara



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