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Love Suicides – A River Flows In Brooklyn

Love Suicides - A River Flows In Brooklyn


David Teague, who was Director of Photography for our short film The Tourist and never one to shy away from a challenge, spent the past weekend shooting Act III of his latest Super 8 feature film, Love Suicides. “Based on an 18th Century Japanese play by Chikamatsu, ‘Love Suicides’ is a serialized film recounting the tale of Kume and Osan, who find their secret love condemned by religion, culture and family. ‘Love Suicides’ unfolds over three films, and is presented in the form of a black and white silent film, using image, music, and title cards to tell the tale.”


Corey Boutilier of was on set to capture the crew as they face the daunting task of creating a river inside a warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn where a couple will take a boat ride.

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