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IN TELLURIDE | “Brokeback Mountain” and “Bob Dylan”

IN TELLURIDE | "Brokeback Mountain" and "Bob Dylan"

tellbanner.jpgWhat a day at the movies yesterday was…Ang Lee‘s “Brokeback Mountain” and Martin Scorsese‘s Bob Dylan doc, “No Direction Home”

The story of cowboys Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar, who fall in love on Brokeback Mountain in the 1960s, is a beautiful and sad new film from Ang Lee. Heath Ledger in particular is outstanding as Ennis, a tortured silent-type who can’t deal with the complicated relationship that spans two decades. His confusing love for Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) faces so many obstacles and they are forced to lead often unsatisfying secret lives together until a dramatic conclusion changes things forever. There is so much more to say, but I’ve already been in so many conversations about this movie since seeing it yesterday afternoon. Some may be turned off by the nature of the relationship depicted in “Brokeback Mountain,” but its important to note that many people (gay, straight, male, female) seem so moved by this poignant love story.

The other incredible film from yesterday is Scorsese’s sweeping look at not just the life and work of Bob Dylan, but a period in music and a moment in history. The four hour film, “No Direction Home,” will air soon on PBS (I was able to see the first 2-hour part last night), and then it will quickly hit DVD. I would hardly call myself a Dylan aficionado yet I loved what I saw and can’t wait to see more. Scorsese does a great job of weaving together stories of Dylan’s life and music with key performance footages, historical images, and an incredible array of music from the period of the 60s.

And one more highlight of Saturday was a special showing of Laurie Anderson‘s “Hidden Inside Mountains”, a 25-minute piece that was created for EXPO 2005 in Japan. The screening was followed by a lenghty discussion of the work. A personal highlight was sitting next to Lou Reed and his dog Lolabelle through the entire program. The two seem to be quite close and Lolabelle even has an appearance in his “mother” Laurie Anderson’s movie.

I capped a great day in Telluride with a small, leisurely dinner hosted by friends from Sony Classics. Among the guests at the two tables were some of the key filmmakers of this festival, all working with Sony, including The Dardenne Brothers” (here with “L’Enfant”), Michael Haneke (“Cache”), and the creators of “Capote” (director Bennett Miller, star Philip Seymour Hoffman and writer Dan Futterman).

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I have not watched brokeback mountain yet but I hope that it lives up to its reputation. By the way Heath and Jake look great!


Brokeback Mountain was THE hit of the Telluride Film Festival. Everywhere you went, it was the one film that received positive and even raving reviews from everyone. Heath Ledger gives an amazing performance as Ennis, but I truly hope that people do not forget Jake Gyllenhaal. his performance was equally outstanding…


Thanks for the response… that’s very encouraging to hear.
I can only hope that this film has the ability to open some minds and expand preconceptions about love.


i think its too soon to really predict that sort of thing, still too many movies yet to be seen… but Heath Ledger in “Brokeback” and Philip Seymour Hoffman in “Capote” are two of the best performances i have seen all year…


I’m so glad that you enjoyed it!! How do you think this film will do with the Academy come Oscar time?

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