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Watching the tragedy

Watching the tragedy

At the airport here in Newark, NJ (en route to Houston for a connecting flight to Colorado), a large group of us are gathered around TVs in the waiting area…people are watching with shock and sadness the horrible images being broadcast from New Orleans right now. Thousands are gathered outside the Superdome, sitting alongside a growing number of dead bodies, begging for water and food. A group of parents and kids are chanting “We want help! We want help!”

Its horrifying to see what is going on and I am not clear why it is taking so long to get support to people and why it has taken so long to mobilize resources. Listening to the words of the public officials, mistakes were clearly made and no one wants to point fingers, but someone will have to answer for the loss of life and chaos that is becoming more and more serious.

So many times we see footage of starving children or families struck by tragedy in faraway countries, people seemingly abandoned by their governments, and deep down we know that something like that would never happen in our country. Yet, watching the TV right now its clear that it can.

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jeremiah thee wei

Bush got a warm reception in Mobile from Govs. Haley Barbour of Mississippi and Bob Riley of Alabama. Both praised the federal government’s response. Still, Barbour said, “We’ve suffered a grievous blow that we won’t recover from for a long while.”

Standing with the governors in an airplane hangar, Bush said, “We have a responsibility to clean up this mess.”

“What is not working right, we’re going to make it right,” Bush said.


jeremiah thee wei

helpless homeless hungry suffering frighten and dying… “shoot to kill” is the best rsponse the GOV. of NO can give…
why wasn’t aid sent rushing in instead of force, that will not make the situation any better

thats just the way the story goes… I GUESS

Brian Brooks

Of course the aftermath of any hurricane of this magnitude is going to cause tragedy, but Bush deserves a huge amount of blame. $6 billion per month “rebuilding” Iraq, and now he trots out his father and Clinton to rally private money? What the hell? The government doesn’t have resources in the United States to help these people? A grandmother lays dead in her wheelchair at the New Orleans convention center as flies buzz around her corpse, while people around her are starving? Where are the damn helicopters bringing supplies in. Why weren’t military cargo planes made available for the poor to escape New Orleans before the hurricane hit? Then Bush has the nerve on ABC this morning to suggest that they didn’t know the levies would break. That is SUCH A LIE!!! I saw a documentary just two years ago saying that a worst-case scenario hurricane would overcome the levies. Why wasn’t anything done, and why was funding for the levies slashed? So we could pay for Bush’s stupid war in Iraq based on complete lies! And now it’s the poor who have to pay. Wake up America!! Where is the outrage?


And the effects are spreading…As I am sure is the case in other cities in the southeast, here in Orlando, we have a bit of a public panic going on over a preceived gas shortage. Gas stations are largely sold out and places that are open have jumped prices 40-50 cents per gallon in 3 days. Talk on the street is that schools will close (no gas for buses) and that food will run short (again, no gas) I think it’s more panic than fact but it’s having a dramatic effect.

jared Moshe

part of the problem is the lack of national guardsmen who would otherwise be called in to supplement the local police, the lack of organization on the ground, and the fact that FEMA budget was slashed a few years back to pay for Iraq. It’s really tragic.

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