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LA Times: Director Warns of Big Screens’ Extinction

LA Times: Director Warns of Big Screens' Extinction

One of Hollywood’s top filmmakers delivered a rallying cry to the nation’s theater owners Thursday, warning that one of the great American traditions — the collective moviegoing experience — was being threatened with extinction. Speaking at the annual ShowEast convention in Orlando, Fla., M. Night Shyamalan, the director and writer of such blockbusters as “The Sixth Sense” and “Signs,” condemned those who are pushing to eliminate what has traditionally been a months-long delay between the release of a movie on the big screen and its debut on DVD. Doing away with that window will not only destroy the exhibition industry, Shyamalan warned, but it will also diminish the artistic integrity of moviemaking. Claudia Eller reports.

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I give props to Mr M.Night S. for at least speaking up when everyone else is sitting on their thumbs. This plan for day and date releases for every format sucks. Do you think I will go to the show and sick in a sticky seat while a fat dude with 3 foot hair sits right in front of me and then I will have to pay $20.00 for popcorn, soda and a candy bar while I can stay home , screw my wife, smoke, drink beer, not waste gas, and watch the movie on my home screen? You do the math. Greed is killing the shows. Cuban and Wagner will walk away to another business when they kill the cinemas.

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