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LA Times: Filmmakers Are Swept Away by Romania

LA Times: Filmmakers Are Swept Away by Romania

Along the route to MediaPro Studios, packs of feral dogs wander unpaved streets, children as young as 7 beg for handouts, and some government buildings still bear the bullet scars of the 1989 revolution. But for a growing cadre of Hollywood producers, the drive is becoming as familiar as a trip to the Universal Studios back lot. Romania is proving such a great value that Canada, once the top money-saving film destination, is feeling the squeeze. John Horn reports.

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This is just outsourcing of movie making. I can’t wait for one of those scumbag foreign countries to have a revolution, and a big Hollywood producer is stuck behind enemy lines. Or, what if the payoffs stop working? Someone will get burned eventually. Would insurance cover some of these countries if say the word of unrest is in the air? A whole cast and crew stuck in a warzone?

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