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LA Times: This Just in: Flops Caused Box Office Slump

LA Times: This Just in: Flops Caused Box Office Slump

In the Los Angeles Times this weekend, a piece about the box office performance examines numbers that are apparently down about 6% from last year, with attendance having dropped by 8.7%. Thats better than the comparison between ’04 and ’05 made this Spring and Summer. Apparently, according to the article, its the movies that were bad and Hollywood execs are admitting that:

“It’s really easy for all of us to blame the condition of the theaters, gas prices, alternative media, the population changes and everything else I’ve heard myself say,” said Sony Pictures Vice Chairman Amy Pascal, whose summer releases “Bewitched” and “Stealth” flopped. “I think it has to do with the movies themselves.”

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nobody ever blames the bad choice in films that are produced as the reason why biz is down. This year was the “Year of Remakes”. Take into consideration the price of gas and the general rise in price of everything and something has to suffer. The movies are on the list. Here is a general list of things , in no order, that I think are killing movie attendence:

2.Netflix and other mail dvd renters.
3.Bad ideas for movies
4.A lot of nice theaters closed, leaving the ones open overcrowded and scummy.
5.High price of everything
6.Better tvs and home entertainment choices.
7.Shorter dvd windows.
8.Summer- People are outside more.
9.My mom hates it that there are no more “Movie Stars”. She says everyone is a tv castoff on hiatus from the WB Network.

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