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Onion Targets Bush’s Weekly Radio Address With Usual Pinpoint Accuracy

Onion Targets Bush's Weekly Radio Address With Usual Pinpoint Accuracy


The Onion always has plenty of linkworthy pieces to blog about, whether it be great interviews with filmmakers like Noah Baumbach or “op ed” pieces like Michael Bay’s outrage over “March of the Penguins.”

I was recently excited to find a new section on their site after reading about how The White House asked the satirical newspaper to stop using the Presidential Seal. The Seal is featured in a section that parodies Bush’s weekly radio addresses and is definitely my favorite new place to visit on the site. Kudos to White House spokesman Trent Duffy for bringing this to my attention (and to millions of others, since the story was picked up by CNN, Reuters, the AP, etc.)

Listen to this week’s edition, which is probably their best one yet, where “President Bush honors those Americans who exercised their right to vote on Tuesday in the off-year elections.”

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