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puffychair.jpgI took another look at The Puffy Chair over the weekend, as I finished writing up an interview with Jay and Mark Duplass. Its a classic no-budget indie feature from a talented pair of filmmakers and its a movie that ought to get distribution. If its still without a deal at the end of this year, it will be getting my vote for indieWIRE’s best undistributed films list. I also think that the Duplass’ are “someone to watch”, so hopefully they will be recognized when the Spirit Award nominations are revealed next week.

As “The Puffy Chair” made the festival rounds, the Duplass’ seemed to gain a bit of confidence in their film, even though it didn’t secure a major distribution deal. But as we discussed during our chat, we are all in agreement that worthy films generally always get some sort of notice:

“The truth is that there are not many good feature films on the circuit, it will be rare if you make a really good feature film because they are not there,” Mark told me, with Jay adding, “If you make a good movie its going to get out there and most people don’t believe that. Most independent filmmakers think that the obstacles are really external to themselves.” Laughing he then added, about he and his brother, “We suck because we haven’t figured out how to make a good movie yet!”

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bob ray

These guys are great! Hopefully they ditched that old crappy CP-16 that would shock your eyeball and ear everytime you turned it on. Best of luck to the Duplass Bros!


LOVE what these guys have done and very happy to call them friends of mine and the festival i work for. Also, Jake Vaughan, you deserve all recognition with the films you have done. It was an honor as a filmmaker to meet the Duplass Bros, Brian, and yourself. Keep up the amazing work!

Jake Vaughan

I went to film school with Jay, watched him grow as a filmmaker. He and Mark deserve all the recognition they’re getting. They’re definately some guys to watch.

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