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Spurlock to Develop “The Republican War on Science” in 2006

Spurlock to Develop "The Republican War on Science" in 2006

Director and producer Morgan Spurlock, who was nominated for a Best Feature Documentary Oscar for his 2004 film, “Super Size Me,” has optioned the book “The Republican War on Science.” The book, written by Chris Mooney, is an account of the right-wing’s position on such issues as stem cell research, climate change and sex education. “I am excited that Morgan Spurlock is taking this project on,” Mooney said in a statement. “I feel that with his sensibility, he’s the perfect filmmaker to capture the true essence of this book.” Spurlock will begin developing the project next year. [M.L. Liu]

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I had no interest in SUPERSIZE ME when it came out, but I caught it on cable, and it was really a great movie. I was wrong with thinking it would suck. I will go see this film when he gets it done.

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