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can “brokeback” top $50 million?

can "brokeback" top $50 million?

bbmpost.jpgThe last time I blogged about “Brokeback Mountain”, more than a month ago, I was contemplating how much it might make at the box office. As much as I love the movie, I was thinking it would probably top out at about $25 million since I simply couldn’t see it gaining widespread mainstream acceptance. Clearly, I was wrong about that. This weekend the film expanded to nearly 700 screens and made an estimated $6 million or so, passing the $30 million mark. Now, “Brokeback” is the leading Academy Awards contender and it seems safe to predict that it will top $50 million. Oh and by the way, I think that as of now it is the sure bet to win the best picture Oscar.

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Don’t pay the indiesniper turn no nevermind. If I wanted to read about self-distributed movies with no studio money I’d go to FilmThreat or Cashiers du Cinemart or countless other sites that focus on DIY films.


another important message about truly independent film from eugene hernandez. sure beats covering movies that are self-distributed and have no studio money, hey eugene?

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