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more on jt…

more on jt...

Fine, I give up. It doesn’t really matter who JT Leroy really is, does it? I blogged a bit recently about the steady stream of articles trying to expose or somehow unmask the person known publicly as JT (with a person claiming to be JT posting a comment). Now, in a new piece in The Guardian today, Laura Barton talks with the person or people who are JT Leroy. Fascinating stuff. If you can’t believe it’s happening, pretend it’s a movie. – Warhol

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Not J.T.

Maybe it’s time that you own up to the fact that J.T. isn’t real, and is, in fact, a woman who used AIDS, transgenderism, an other lies in order to become the star she wasn’t capable of being as herself. It’s not nice, and while J.T. is fake, the cruel-ness and unkindness toward others isn’t.

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