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Nader Set for Sundance

Nader Set for Sundance

Politician and consumer advocate Ralph Nader is planning to make the trip to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival next week, according to sources close to a new film about him, Henriette Mantel & Stephen Skrovan‘s “An Unreasonable Man.” The activist will see the movie for the first time with the festival audience. According to a description, the film includes a look at his early days fighting against GM and other corporations, as well as interviews exploring his life and work. In an interview published by indieWIRE yesterday, Mantel (who once worked for Nader as an office manager) explained, “I was so sick of people (mostly whiny Democrats) yelling at me about Ralph without having all the information. When discussing him, I too was conflicted. But most of all I wanted to tell the story of Ralph Nader’s entire life and career so at least when people judged him, they would understand more about this American icon.” [Eugene Hernandez]

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Maybe Ralph is just showing up to take votes away from the films at the festival.

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