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Greenwald’s “WAL-MART” Finds Eager Distributors Overseas

Greenwald's "WAL-MART" Finds Eager Distributors Overseas

Robert Greenwald‘s “WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price” has been picked up for theatrical release in Britain, Germany and Australia/New Zealand at the Berlin International Film Festival. Deals are apparently in the works for Spain, Belgium/the Netherlands/Luxembourg and France. “The Panorama film confirms the worst fears that Europeans harbor about runaway U.S.-style capitalism,” said a Lightning Entertainment sales agent. Erik Kirschbaum reports for Variety.

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I am glad that someone is standing up and exposing big business. I live near Chicago and the reason Wal-Mart is having a hard time getting stores in the city is they encourage their low payed employees to get government welfare. Do you think Mayor Rich Daley is going to subsidize these guys? Two classes in America coming soon- Rich and Poor.

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