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IFC Partners With Comcast on ‘IFC In Theaters’

IFC Partners With Comcast on 'IFC In Theaters'

IFC Entertainment and cable system Comcast will present the new IFC in Theaters service via ON DEMAND, releasing films for immediate viewing on television the same day they are released in movie theaters. Starting next month, two new films each month will be available (for $5.99 each) via Comcast ON DEMAND, creating in the words of an announcement today, “the first nationwide destination for critically acclaimed independent films.” Viewers will choose from a selection of 4 – 5 titles each month. “The local cinema will always be the first home for film to many film lovers,” emphasized IFC Entertainment president Jonathan Sehring, saying in a statement, “Now IFC and Comcast will provide independent films with a unique opportunity to extend and expand beyond traditional distribution means.” [Eugene Hernandez]

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What if I do not want to support Comcast as their service has sucked for the last year. They took off the Sci-Fi Channel and in its place gave us the Golf Network. They put it on the higher tier channels that are a rip off. I also do not need 5 Spanish language channels. I hope Congress does make it where we can create our own pick of channels. All that other BS can go to bankruptcy court.

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