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V for Vendetta: A Matrix of Communist Revolutionaries?

V for Vendetta: A Matrix of Communist Revolutionaries?

Over the past week, I’ve found it difficult to ignore the arresting new Russian Constructivist-type posters for “V for Vendetta” plastered in New York City’s subways. Aware of the ideological mishmash (Baudrillard, Christianity, Nietzsche) that went into The Matrix, I don’t expect the iconography of the Wachowski brothers’ upcoming film to be any clearer. But these images directly refer to the work of the Stenberg brothers, famed for their agit-prop designs in the 1920s and ’30s in Bolshevik Russia (see below).

Early trade reviews already point to the film’s flagrant anti-neocon stance (where constant war and a totalitarian regime squash all civil liberties, and the heroes are terrorists!), and these posters further point to what is obviously a revolutionary stance. Sure, it’s all marketing and co-option without substance (“Freedom Forever” could be read in innumerable ways), but in a year where everything from Star Wars to Syriana took the Bush Regime to task, Hollywood sure isn’t shying away from entering the political fray. I wonder what conservatives think of Communist-like propaganda-ads being used for a mainstream teen-flick. Who knows? Maybe their kids will be corrupted, and they’ll stage an insurrection against the current Administration?





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Anarchism is communism, it is the final stage where the state and private property wither away and there is full communism. It where people stop being oppressed by capitalists who set their wages, and people work because they want to. Products and things are produced according to need, and people's needs are taken care of so that they can do whatever they want.


I think the adds do in fact look vintage, but I feel it is more due to the fact these advertisements are fashionable, and look like propaganda war posters. In fact, in WWII our own posters looked like this. An example:

Also, V is an anarchist and NOT a communist. He is not left wing due to the fact that he hates ALL government control. If he could be considered anything other than an anarchist he would be considered a militant libertarian .

Mark Rabinowitz

I found V to be a pretty great film and an important one. I find it interesting that they appear to be backing down from their original tag line for the film: People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

I’ll post my review soon and trackback to this.

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