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Alan Moore: “I hate the movie industry.”

Alan Moore: "I hate the movie industry."

“I hate the movie industry [because] if I make a bad comic, it does not cost a hundred million dollars, which is the budget of an emergent small third world African nation. And this is money that could have gone to alleviating some of the immense suffering in this world but has instead gone to giving bored, apathetic, lazy, indifferent western teenage boys another way of killing 90 minutes of their interminable and seemingly pointless lives.”

Alan Moore, Comic book writer (“V for Vendetta,” “From Hell”)

From the February/March issue of Moving Pictures magazine.

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Way to put it in perspective. Wish more people felt the same way… Not that the movie industry is bad in itself – it can definitely serve to raise awareness of many events and issues going on all over the world – but the obsession with Hollywood and the extravagance has gotten so out of hand.

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