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Better Late Than Never: LA Times on Netflix

Better Late Than Never: LA Times on Netflix

Los Angeles Times film industry columnist Patrick Goldstein jumps on the Netflix bandwagon with this puff piece, “Leveling the field, a rental at a time” writing little that we didn’t already know, but it’s worth the reminder:

“Because it relies on subscriber ratings and recommendations, and can offer an almost limitless array of product, it creates a level playing field, allowing a tiny indie film to compete with a multiplex monster. It’s a great example of what Wired magazine’s Chris Anderson calls the Long Tail. Put simply, our culture is increasingly shifting away from a focus on a relatively small number of blockbusters at the head of demand curve and toward a huge number of niches in the tail. If you go to a movie theater or a Blockbuster, the vast majority of business comes from a few dozen films. But at Netflix you can see the Long Tail in action — its subscribers rent more than 95% of its 55,000 titles every quarter.”

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Goetz Weber

Here is an interesting article, originally posted on

Netflix vs Movielink: Hastingspeak [by rafat] : In the Q4 conference call yesterday, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, spoke at length about the online movie downloading market and the market impdiemnts on its growth…some of it is Hastingspeak, as I have dubbed the company’s hedging on this issue. But some of it makes practical sense, as the transcript of the call from Seeking Alpha shows. He talks about the “Exclusive Window System” of movie studios; the difficulty in connection PC to the TV and other factors.
He also compares the movie catalog of Netflix vs Movielink. “Netflix..[has],,more than 55,000 titles…Movielink, which…arguably has the best downloading selection in the world, and offers less than 2,000 titles. That is about 4% of the titles available on Netflix. Of course, not all titles are equal. So we looked at the specific titles on Movielink, and their 2,000 titles account for less than 15% of Netflix rentals last week

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