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Lionsgate Nabs Rights To Victor Salva’s “Peaceful Warrior”

Lionsgate Nabs Rights To Victor Salva's "Peaceful Warrior"

Lionsgate (in conjuction with Mark Amins Sobini Films) announced today that it has acquired the U.S. distribution rights to Victor Salva‘s “Peaceful Warrior.” The film, which stars Nick Nolte and Amy Smart is based on the bestselling novel by Dan Millman entitled “Way of the Peaceful Warrior.” The film tells the story of the young Dan Millman who aspires for Olympic glory as a college gymnast. But, a chance encounter with a stranger (Nick Nolte) changes his life and helps him realize what he must leave behind in order to fulfill his apsirations for greatness. Mark Amins, of Sobini Films, is one of the film’s producers, along with Sobini President, Cami Winikoff, Robin Schorr and David Welch. According the the release, Sobini Films, which is based at Lionsgate, recently re-acquired the film’s rights from Blockbuster. “We are pleased to again be in control of a film to which has been a labor of love for me over the years,” said Mark Amins. [Tamara Schweitzer]

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Well, one of my favorite books is Dan Millman’s “The Way of The Peaceful Warrior”. This story tells of a young University student and gymnast, who is seeking answers. Answers to life’s mystery is the best way to put it. Dan meets a curious character who goes by the name of Socrates. Socrates is a gas station attendant working close to the University campus that Dan is working in. This book is an extremly good read and I recommend it to anyone. Believe me, my description does not do the book justice.

There is some recent news of a movie being made that will be entitled the Peaceful Warrior. I fear that Hollywood will destroy this story. I can just imagine the car chases and half naked coeds now…..argh!

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