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Mel Gibson Hits One Out for the Liberals

Mel Gibson Hits One Out for the Liberals

In Time Magazine’s exclusive look at Mel Gibson’s gory Mayan epic Apocalypto,,9171,1174684-2,00.html, the Passion of the Christ wacko offers a little Bush-bashing, “The fearmongering we depict in this film reminds me a little of President Bush and his guys,” he says, while cowriter Farhad Safinia says, “The parallels between the environmental imbalance and corruption of values that doomed the Maya and what’s happening to our own civilization are eerie.”

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RC of strangeculture

I recently blogged today about how Mel’s probably going to be isolating some old friends in the next couple of months w/ his new movie…

interesting to see you noticed this point also.

–RC of

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