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Movie Recommendation Engine Criticker Fails First Test

Movie Recommendation Engine Criticker Fails First Test

Perhaps I shouldn’t be advertising the site — because it doesn’t seem to work very well — but I decided to take this new movie recommendation engine Criticker (as linked on Movie City News) out for a trial spin. You rank some movies; they spit out the critics who supposedly best reflect your taste.

After rating ten movies (mine included Mike Leigh’s All or Nothing, David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence, Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather, David Fincher’s Fight Club, etc), my top tier critics were #1 Richard Schickel (loved Cinema Paradiso, yuck!) and #2 Stephen Hunter (loved Narnia — double yuck!) and #3 Wesley Morris (loved Spy Kids 2 — give me a break). Perhaps with more entries, things might get more accurate, but for now I’d say the system is seriously faulty.

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thank you for the link to criticker.

Please rank more then 10 movies … and you will see that criticker does work very precisely. Our average user rates 40 movies on their first visit.

So come back and rank some more movies and please let me know if we are still failing.

Thank you

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