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Randy Quaid’s Brokeback Lawsuit

Randy Quaid's Brokeback Lawsuit

Why is Randy Quaid suing the producers of Brokeback Mountain? Does he honestly think that everyone involved foresaw the film earning Oscars, and climbing to over $80 million in domestic box office?

The truth is, EVERY producer wishes for and envisions this type of breakout success. But few films have a realistic chance of getting there. It’s a matter of marketing, timing and luck. For Quaid and his lawyers to suggest that Brokeback misrepresented itself as a “small film” and that the producers harbored some sort of magical secret plan to guarantee success defies logic.

It should be noted that the masterful marketing of the film made NO mention of Randy Quaid. His presence in the film had little (or nothing!) to do with its surprising cross-over success.

Maybe Randy should consider suing NBC’s Washingont Bureau Chief and Meet the Press moderator Tim Russert for DNA theft.

And, is it true that Quaid’s lawyers just booked a flight to Antartcia? There’s talk that some well-dressed birds were misled when a French film crew told them they were just making a “little nature film.”

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RC of strangeculture

Randy should just be glad he got a part in a movie that was successful…honestly. And I agree…when Lee was making this movie, they probably didn’t know how successful it was going to be…

They obviously weren’t that optimistic, they casted Michelle Williams…who in their right mind would have thought Michelle Williams of Dawson’s Creek would ever even get an Academy Award nomination.

–RC of

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