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Village Voice Watch: More Gatecrashers Hit Film Pages

Village Voice Watch: More Gatecrashers Hit Film Pages

The film section of the Village Voice continues to sample from across the nation, subsequent to the New Times/Village Voice merger (which generated more than a bit of discussion recently here). This week, writers from all across the country have supplied film reviews as part of the New Times syndicate (and the growing homogenizing of traditional media), some good, some bad: There’s Nashville’s Jim Ridley writing about “Madea’s Family Reunion,” Dallas’ Robert Wilsonsky on “Failure to Launch,” Minneapolis’s Rob Nelson writing on “The Heart is Deceitful of all Things,” and most unfortunately, San Francisco’s Gregg Rickman on Aquamarine, who so eloquently writes, “The girls seem too grounded to be the bubbleheaded consumers the film presents them as.” (To be completely fair, Gregg Rickman’s original longer review of “Aquamarine,” available here, reads as follows: “Growing up, the film seems to say, means becoming a bubbleheaded consumer. ‘Just be yourself — minus the tail’ is Hailey’s advice to her mermaid friend. Might as well be telling your tween viewers to be themselves, minus their defining characteristics. In this way, consider Aquamarine a mer-movie: It’s half-human and half-fishy.”) Ha ha. At least Los Angeles’ Luke Y. Thompson has been kept at bay this issue.

And where, oh where is “Mondo Washington” columnist James Ridgeway, who on the website hasn’t had a column since February 7?

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one question that i have been wondering is whether or not people like j. hoberman, michael atkinson, scott foundas, ella taylor, dennis lim, jessica winter will find their reviews in the other new times publications.


Interesting blog Anthony. Do you know if they’ve reviewed a new controversial indie film by Damian Chapa (director of “Blood In, Blood Out” [1993]) called “I.R.A.”? It’s apparently a sneak release that will hit select theatres in L.A. on April 28, 2006 that should be relevent to today’s continuing feud between the I.R.A. and the British army. Have you heard anything else about it or if it’s been reviewed yet?

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