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10,000 Visitors Reached: Is it a Victory or a Curse?

10,000 Visitors Reached: Is it a Victory or a Curse?

While I’ve had this blog since April 2004, I’ve only been posting daily the last two months, after adding a site tracker in February. Today, according to the counter, I reached my 10,000th visitor, which should be some proud milestone, but I have the nagging feeling that it’s a marker of time wasted; actually, even worse — that blogs are helping to kill journalism, and more specifically my own career.

While there are some benefits to blogging, such as the minor fame — the roughly 100 fans that read the site every day, being stopped in a movie theater (“hey, aren’t you Anthony Kaufman, the indieWIRE blogger?”) — feeding the blog comes at the expense of paid gigs. (I don’t get paid for this, and I don’t know how anyone makes a living at it, unless it’s Daily Kos. Movie City News doesn’t have any ads. Does The Reeler get paid? Does Ray Pride? Dave Kehr?). For every moment that I spend blogging and trying to rope in an ad that will pay $20 per month (still haven’t gotten any), I’m not pitching stories to places that deliver a real paycheck. And for a freelance writer, this amounts to financial suicide.

People say: Don’t your blogs later turn into real stories? (Not really); Don’t your blogs keep you actively thinking about the industry? (No more than before); Doesn’t the blog give you a certain amount of notoriety? (Maybe, but is it the kind that I want?)

On a larger scale, as the media world contracts and as fewer and fewer outlets exist (witness the Village Voice/New Times merger), freelance writers are forced into the proliferating blogosphere — the new “poverty row” of the publishing world — and it’s not a financially viable model.

For the love of cinema and the free-flow-of-information, I wish I could just relax and not worry about money — and the blog could be a perfectly reasonable outlet for my thoughts. But some of us have to make a living.

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Edmund Yeo

Yeah, you can just put some Google ads around. (you can do it without joining Blogger)

Doug Block

Stop your bitching, Anthony. Could be much worse. Like, blogging because you’re trying to get a personal documentary into theaters!

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