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Apple’s Evil iTunes Monopoly

Apple's Evil iTunes Monopoly

Not that most of us don’t know it already, but Apple is on a mission to monopolize the download market and the future of distribution. Read this brief essay in the Australian paper The Age “Apple tunes into world domination” for a detailed look at how Apple’s iTunes/iPod “closed system” holds a dangerous grip on the portable market.

Back in the day, I’d think this would be the kind of thing that would violate anti-trust laws, but in today’s anything-goes-capitalism, Apple is allowed to restrict anyone from using iTunes unless they’re using it with an iPod (or apparently from a computer onto a Cingular cellphone). But there is hope, according to the article. When Microsoft and just about every cellphone maker on the planet launch similar download services, Apple’s domination may contract. But then we’ll all be stuck with several disparate services — and I may never be able to download my Google Video onto my Verizon phone. For content-makers, the battle of allegiances is only just beginning.

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I am a Mac fan and was truly disappointed today that the big Movielink VOD service is only available to PC users, leaving Apple customers to rely on iTunes eventual movie download service. Keep in mind, Mac was created as an alternative to PC, so its not surprising that they are working in a proprietary fashion. And they are a small percentage of the computers out there…

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