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Filmmaker Caught in Battle Between IFC and Mark Cuban

Filmmaker Caught in Battle Between IFC and Mark Cuban

Filmmaker Caveh Zahedi is caught in the middle of a growing battle between Landmark Theaters owner Mark Cuban and IFC Films. The theater owner apparently ordered his chain (the leading arthouse circuit in the country) to drop Zahedi’s “I Am A Sex Addict” in retaliation over distributor IFC Films‘ day and date deal with Comcast. Cuban is upset that the cable system has refused to carry his HD Net cable networks. In an open letter to Cuban on his blog (hosted by indieWIRE), Zahedi detailed the situation. Cuban then responded saying that IFC knew better than to try to book the film at Landmark and he encouraged Zahedi to ask IFC to drop the day and date distribution via Comcast. The filmmaker then posted a follow-up blog plea for peace between Comcast and Cuban, hoping to restore Landmark’s Berkeley venue for the opening of his film (as advertised):

I would urge you to reconsider your decision about pulling my film. It took me 14 years to make, I put everything I have into it, and I think the film has something important to say. In short, I think you might like it.

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Is anyone really surprised by this? If so, here’s a fun party game, if you have parties as lame as mine. Go to Mark Cuban’s blog,, and use the “Search” feature to see get an idea of where his priorities are.

Here are the results of my searches:

“Money” Number of Results: 60
“Mavs” Number of Results: 54
“Sports” Number of Results: 29
“Benefactor” Number of Results: 26
“Film” Number of Results: 14
“Idiot” Number of Results: 9
“Landmark” Number of Results: 7
“Independent” Number of Results: 6
“Employees” Number of Results: 4
“Filmmaker” Number of Results: 1


Don’t feel bad. Comcast won’t carry WWE 24/7 either. I say someone stand up and make the government break up Comcast. This will continue until they give people better terms. Their cable service sucks, as the picture always gos out.The price never goes down. We need competition in cable service. There are 2 dish providers, why are there not 2 or 3 cable providers in each town?

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