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Shazam/Isis Hour (Saturday Morning Childhood Memory #9)

Shazam/Isis Hour (Saturday Morning Childhood Memory #9)

So children’s television in the seventies wasn’t exactly high tech, but you have to give the creators of the Shazam!/Isis Hour credit for coming up with these loopy concepts:

In Shazam!, young Billy travels around the country in an RV with an old man simply named “Mentor” (um, okay) who is granted the ability in times of crisis to transform into super hero (with super short cape) Captain Marvel by uttering the word Shazam! to the elders (depicted as cartoons) Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury.

Even better is The Mighty Isis, played by hipster babe JoAnna Cameron, who is a schoolteacher with the ability to transform into an Egyptian Queen and rescue those in danger while “encouraging the wrongdoer to see the error of their ways through self-reflection.”

That’s hot.

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Anonymously Famous

Thanks for the memories.

While I was a kid growing up in Kansas City, MO, I used to watch these shows (it came on right after “Fat Albert & the Gang”).
I loved both shows so much that for Halloween, I dressed up as Isis.
To top it off, “Battle of the Planets” ruled my childhood. It wasn’t until 2000 that the original version that never aired in the US was called “Gatchaman”. Ultimately, while I was working at ADV Films/The Anime Network, I brought “Gatchaman” to the company and the rest is history.

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