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New Production and Development Company Griot Pictures Entertainment Lauds Two Projects

New Production and Development Company Griot Pictures Entertainment Lauds Two Projects

CEO and founder Thomas Hopkins and producing partner Tony Dunoyer, announced today the formation of Griot Pictures Entertainment (GPE). The production and development company will co-produce and co-finance both studio and independent film and television projects “with mainstream appeal.” Griot’s first two projects are in pre-production, “Chevalier” and “Minion,” the group announced Thursday.

“Chevalier,” is a period-piece set in pre-revolutionary France based on the rise, fall, and rediscovery of the real-life Chevalier de Saint George, who was also known as “The Black Mozart.” A fencing and musical superstar in the late 1700’s, Le Chevalier de Saint George was also a hero during the French Revolution. The film is written by screenwriter Paris Qualles (“The Tuskegee Airmen”).

Hopkins is currently co-writing the screenplay for the horror film, “Minion.” which is based on the first two novels from LA Banks‘ vampire/huntress series, “Minion” and “The Awakening.” The plot centers on a budding music diva who has a higher calling as a slayer. The company is also developing “The Peculiar Patriot,” an independent docu-dramedy that is described by Griot as “part Whoopi Goldberg style one-woman-show and part ‘Fahrenheit 911.'”

“We believe “Chevalier” and “Minion” will strongly advance two classic genres still very popular with global audiences–the period-adventure drama and the vampire/demon-slayer horror film,” said Hopkins about their debut projects in a statement.

Additionally, GPE co-produced independent romantic-drama “Premium” (Pete Chatmon) with Double 7 Film and Palm-Star. The film premiered in March at the Miami International Film Festival and stars Zoe Saldana, Dorian Missick, Hill Harper, and Eva Pigford. Griot is based in New York.

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patricia chandler

I met Leslie twice, before she moved on. I have all 12 books and attended her Twelve Tribes Summit at the Clef Club in Philly over the Valentine’s day weekend Febryary 2009 and then all hell literally broke lose, again :) in my life! So, I wrote a synopsis for the screenplay based on the first FOUR Books! I sing, I see demons everywhere now (and Boy! Do they ever Stink Too) and I Sing, so, maybe I should Play the part of Demali Richards??? I didn’t get thesankofa Tat on my lower back Fa’ Nuthin LOL …. and there’s a Sankofa Academy practically around the corner from me And the Moorish Science Temple :) …. Dang! Maybe ibshould just play Marlene! I am getting older! OR…. I could definitely Cast the entire movie with actual, real musicians and actors I Know are mirror images of Damilies Band, aka Guardian Team OR :( I could just keep OB working on my prelaw degree …. There’s moor than 1 Way to Slay a Demon ….. Even 1 with Fangs! I live in da’hood 2 LOL

Akia Horne

I just discovered L.A. Banks by chance, reading supernatural anthologies. I quickly took to the internet to learn more about her books. Sadden by the loss, I'm however thankful for the body of work she left behind.

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