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Rush Limbaugh Loves “United 93”

Rush Limbaugh Loves "United 93"

For all those critics swept up in Paul Greengrass’ visceral filmmaking on “United 93” and unable to anticipate its reception in America, I offer you highlights from a story reported in Variety: Conservative blowhards Rush Limbaugh and Dennis Prager “were both invited to advance screenings, and subsequently gave the film politicized endorsements.”

“The overwhelming emotion I had was sheer anger at the terrorists, bordering on hatred,” Limbaugh reportedly said. “This movie is going to refocus, for those who see it, the exact reason we are in the war on terror.”

“Apparently many Americans are not ‘ready’ to see a film about 9/11 ‘so soon’ after 9/11. If this is so, it is an ode to the weakening of the American people,” Prager wrote in his syndicated column. Urging younger teens to see the R-rated pic (if they get nightmares, “comfort them,” is his advice), Prager added, “I believe it is just about every American’s duty to see this film.”

Anecdotally, I heard from someone who attended public screenings over the weekend with teenage audiences that were clearly in it for the roller-coaster ride and hooting and hollering at the film’s bloody climax crying for revenge.

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Steve Erickson

So if conservatives like a film, that means leftists have a duty to hate it , rather than that Limbaugh is trying to jump on a bandwagon and co-opt a popular film for the right? Anecdotally, I can report that the audience I saw UNITED 93 with was extremely quiet and respectful. I don’t know how representative they are, but I wouldn’t necesarily assume the response of the teens you describe is universal or the one the filmmakers intended. If they wanted to pander to the red states, why take out the interitle about the start of the war on terror?

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