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AP: Cuban-American filmmaker risks punishment

AP: Cuban-American filmmaker risks punishment

Cuban-American filmmaker Luis Moro expressed his disdain for the long-standing U.S. trade and travel restrictions against Cuba in a very public way: he made a movie there. Moro’s “Love and Suicide” screened recently in New Jersey after having been shown last year in Los Angeles, Miami Beach and the Bahamas. The film, linked as it is to Moro’s personal crusade against the U.S. embargo, led U.S. officials to investigate Moro for possible violation of U.S. laws that make it almost impossible for most Americans to legally visit communist Cuba. Vanessa Arrington reports.

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I’m posting this update to share a rewarding benefit from our theatrical journey with LOVE & SUICIDE, the movie shot on location in Havana, Cuba. After eight months in commercial theatres, with ten weeks screening in Miami, FL and finishing this November with a 450 people premiere in Los Angeles. It seems we have impacted the U.S. Embargo on Cuba. The Cuban Evolution is here.

One of our highlights was screening in Miami Florida with the AMC Theatres Select program. We grew up to five theatres in Miami and out grossed many studio films at the box office.

But the biggest reward was the community that received us in Miami. Though the film is not political, you can’t help but see the real life results of both Cuba’s and America’s failed 47 years of politics. Almost all pro-embargo, anti-embargo and neutral viewers of the film agreed, it’s time to lift the embargo on Cuba. The embargo simply has not worked in 47 years.

I know some U.S. politicians have seen the movie. They have been affected deeply. Especially after seeing the reality in Cuba with their own eyes. When you see real images with real people, it’s hard to avoid the duplicity of the outdated embargo.

Thank God some of these pro-embargo politicians are now preparing to abolish the embargo in 2007. We already know they don’t want the embargo. What we don’t know is which “former” pro-embargo politician will stand up first. The race is on to see which one has the courage to go public first.

Thank you for being part of “The Cuban Evolution.” Luis Moro, Filmmaker.

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