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Dentler Maid

Dentler Maid


This is totally real. My family had a potato chip company back in the day. Big thanks to fellow Houston native Howard Feinstein, for passing this along.

Some thoughts found on a message thread:

Back in the early 60s I lived in east Texas. Most potato chips were Lays, Mortons or My-T-Fine. But I remember when going to visit my grandparents in Houston they had Dentler’s. (Think I’ve got the name right.) So I associated Dentler’s with Houston. – Watchful

Dentler Maid – best potato chips ever. I ate nothing else as a child. They were absorbed by Lay’s. I think they were actually made in Conroe or Humble; the son of the couple who founded the company, George Dentler, had Dentler’s Pier 21, a good seafood restaurant on Fannin at Braeswood that was in biz up until the mid-70s or so. – brucesw

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