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supermSM.jpgAfter being let down by a steady string of big budget Hollywood movies in recent years (“King Kong”, “War of the Worlds”, “Star Wars”) its great to finally see a real Tinsel Town blockbuster that delivers. Bryan Singer‘s “Superman Returns“, which I saw this morning here in New York, is a thrilling, contemplative, and fun new movie made to be seen on the big screen.

Somehow it seemed appropriate that I saw “Superman Returns” on Father’s Day, since the story revolves, in part, around a number of paternal relationships. And its set in the present, with Superman returning after a long absence and battling his own isolation. Never having read a comic book, I don’t if its true to the original story, but in the film, characters wonder whether or not we need superheroes today. Superman returns to prevent mass devastation and quickly reminds us that of course we do, even if he has to sacrifice his own satisfaction for our security. Clocking in at 2.5 hours, “Superman” has a couple of slow moments, but overall it is well worth a $10+ ticket and a bucket of popcorn.

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