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navigating the online (film) world

navigating the online (film) world

I’ve received variations on the question, “What do you think of this iklipz thing?” from a number of people in the past few days.

iklipz is a new website that seems to be a sort of cross between MySpace and YouTube, a social networking site built around uploaded video content. There will no doubt be more there over time and with a number of sharp film people involved, I’d expect it could evolve into a viable distribution channel. Another interesting website to watch is Withoutabox, given its recent acquisition of Film Finders, that should be a valuable resource.

Of course, for social networking I am partial to our indieLOOP section which has nearly 2,500 members and, unlike MySpace or Friendster, is aimed only at film people. I hope that someday, if I want to find a filmmaker or film person, I can simply go there, type their name into the search and find a simple page, where they’ve posted their bio, photo, links to a trailer or video clips, or other info.

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