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Reid Rosefelt: Critic Crossed a Line by Walking Out of “Clerks 2”

Reid Rosefelt: Critic Crossed a Line by Walking Out of "Clerks 2"

Good Morning America film critic Joel Siegel infamously stormed out of a recent press screening of “Clerks 2,” cursing about the film as he exited. Reacting to the story, detailed in today’s edition of Page Six, former publicist Reid Rosefelt blogs about the situation, writing that the critic “crossed a line.” He continues:

Not only don’t I think critics should raise a fuss at a screening, I think they have to watch the whole thing. Films often get better as they go along. One should never make a judgment until you see it all. At that point, critics can choose not to review the film (Siegel doesn’t review everything) or pan the film as harshly as they want. Watching bad movies is very taxing, but that’s the film critic’s job. If they don’t like it, they should take up something less stressful, like working 24/7 as a hospital surgeon.

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