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Ann Coulter Gets Cut from Al Franken Movie

Ann Coulter Gets Cut from Al Franken Movie

One of the choicest moments in Al Franken’s new documentary “Al Franken: God Spoke,” directed by veterans Chris Hegedus and Nick Doob, has been pulled from the film this week due to legal issues. The scene, in which Franken debates Ann Coulter, was apparently excised because the producers could not get clearances to use the footage for the theatrical release.

I don’t know for sure — maybe some intrepid liberal blogger can find out — but I’d assume Coulter refused to sign a release because Franken makes her look like the wingnut idiot that she is during the debate. When a moderator asks the two nemeses which historical figure they would be, Coulter says she’d be Franklin D. Roosevelt so she could prevent the New Deal. Franken says he’d be Hitler so he could prevent a little thing called “The Holocaust.” Point: Franken.

Critics have been advised to “not mention this scene in your reviews or coverage.” Apparently, there is still a scene at a press conference with the Coulter and Franken facing off. Let’s hope that stays.

Update 8/30: Click here.

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Donna Ellis

Why would they need clearances if this is a documentary? If it was broadcast, and someone owns the broadcast copyright, isn’t it true that the clearance would have to come from the broadcasting entity, not Coulter? For example, the heated exchange broadcast last night on NBC between anchor Brian Willams and President Bush; NBC owns that copyright.

Josh Boelter

An Coulter refused to sign a release because she looks like an idiot? That makes no sense. She looks like an idiot every time she speaks.

Annie Frisbie

What do you mean, don’t mention the scene? What will they do if someone does mention it? I saw it at Tribeca, and that sequence was the best part of the movie.

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