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is someone lying?

is someone lying?

pinoccSM.jpgI doubt anyone really cares about this, but I have to mention it… Trying to make sense of the recent situation involving “Jesus Camp” and the Traverse City Film Festival reminded me just how hard it can be to get the real story. While gathering as much information as I could the past few days, it became clear to me that I was being misled by either the people involved with the film, or those at the festival. Read the story and decide for yourself, I included all “the evidence” that I have. Yet, we’ll never know… did the “Jesus Camp” team beg Michael Moore to screen their film at his festival, or did Moore and/or festival organizers beg Magnolia Pictures not to pull the movie from the event? Or both?

Like I said, I am sure no one really cares all that much at this point, but again it just underscored for me how tough it can be sometimes to get to the bottom of a story. So, I guess I’ll just move on to another one…

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Brian Newman

I don’t think we’ll ever know the truth on this one – its just as likely to be miscommunication between the sales agents (Cinetic, i think), distributor, filmmaker and festival. But this seems to happen a lot (behind the scenes) in festival land, and it doesn’t seem to help anyone – the filmmaker, their film, the festivals or the audiences.

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