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rescue 9/11

rescue 9/11

wtcSTILLsm.jpgUp until last week, I’d avoided most of the coverage of Oliver Stone‘s “World Trade Center.” I skipped the 25 minute clip in Cannes and didn’t read any of the reviews. In fact early last week, I decided that I’d simply pass on the movie, unwlling to relive 9/11 yet again. But, as people began talking more and more about the film, and after reading postive and negative blog postings about it, I decided to head down to 42nd St. on Friday to see it for myself.

I was surprised (and maybe somewhat relieved) to discover that Stone’s “WTC” isn’t really about 9/11. I think its essentially about resilience. While many have criticized the director for making a movie about September 11th with a happy ending, it was in fact rather refreshing to find a compelling story of survival amidst the tragedy and terror. Ok, so I did find “World Trade Center” a bit too long (and maybe even a bit TV movie cheesy at times). The film could have just as easily been about trapped coal miners or even two people lost at sea, but with 9/11 as its backdrop, it is even more engaging. The story of 2 of the only 20 people who were pulled out of the rubble that day is one worth telling, and it offers a different perspective on a large human tragedy that has left so many feeling so powerless. Hardly a happy ending, after all.

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If you DO want to see a 9/11 film, check out the NYC premiere of Vito After on September 10, 5 pm at the Pioneer.

Deeply relevant, the film tells the story of Vito Friscia, one of the 40,000 workers and volunteers who participated in the 9/11 rescue and recovery — many of whom now suffer from health problems. Vito was just doing his job. His life and health has been forever changed.

Director Maria Pusateri and Vito will be on hand for Q&A afterwards.

You can check out the trailer at

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