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s.o.a.p….what went wrong?

s.o.a.p....what went wrong?

snakesposter.jpgSo, “Snakes on a Plane” came in with less than half of the first weekend box office grosses expected by many prognosticators (it made an estimated $15 million, including Thursday nights screenings). Why? Many industry bloggers are weighing in with their thoughts. Some are saying that the Internet buzz was misleading, while others are countering that the online activity was the only solid aspect of the film’s marketing strategy. Perhaps, within the insular industry too many people believed the hype? Maybe there is such a thing as a film being too high concept? Here was a movie with a seemingly thin plot, no advance screenings to generate word of mouth and, as a friend suggested today, perhaps too many months of pre-release publicity based essentially on speculation. Will the grosses hold up as word gets out that the film is actually pretty entertaining?

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Your assessment that the film “is pretty entertaining” won’t really help SoaP. I suspect SoaP’s problem is that it is what it is: a mediocre genre film that uses ironic camp to overcompensate for its thin one note premise.

SoaP grossed about what should have been expected–for example. ANACONDA opened with $16 million in 1997. In 2004 SAW opened at $18 million. FINAL DESTINATION opened at $10 million, number 3 opened at $19 million.

Perhaps SoaP should have gone over the top–like the SCARY MOVIE franchise: in 2000 SCARY MOVIE opened with a robust $42 million, holding strong with a $40 opening this April for the 4th installment.

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