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Stone’s “World Trade Center”: Apolitical, My Ass

Stone's "World Trade Center": Apolitical, My Ass

Ever since Paramount started previewing Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center” (opening today in wide release) to press and politicos, a variety of voices have come out in celebration of the film, from the extreme right to the moderate middle. Even leftwing spokeswoman Ariana Huffington (of the Huffingtonpost) went to bat for the film, calling the movie “apolitical.” What complete bunk. For, I offer this corrective, an admittedly politicized review that hopes to set the record straight. “World Trade Center” is anything but apolitical (can anything reallly not be political, especially these days?): “Instead, Stone delivers the Bush base a jingoistic, All-American all-you-can-eat buffet on a silver platter.”

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Anthony, your review is rather persuasive, enough that it made me wish I’d read yours before writing mine (I think I was initially far too generous to Stone).

It’s certainly clear that no film about 9/11 can be apolitical, and WTC does little to counter the Bush administration spin on the attacks, even if it sticks to some of the “facts” about the events of that day.


You’re wrong about Stone supporting the
Bush Cabal … you don’t know film, as the metaphors are ALL there for the sequel if
you just knew what to look for. I think he
did it perfectly, he could not hit America over the head with a 9/11 Truth film as I too had wanted … but now that I’ve seen it, WTC is a perfect solution to bring up THE QUESTIONS in the follow up. Building 7 is there and I even heard “The Marine” tell us that a cloud of smoke prevented us from the
seeing of what we were not ready for !

You have to understand film to get it !

Sujewa Ekanayake

Interesting review, I just read it. So far all the other press I’ve read on the film is very positive, also the trailer looks good, & it sounds like Stone stuck to the facts, so I am looking forward to checking out the film. Life is obviously full of both the good & the bad, I don’t really see a problem with celebrating some positive & true (actually happened) stuff through the filmmaking machinery, even focusing on a few moments of good stuff in the middle of an overwhelmingly bad situation. Also we have plenty of movies & news that take a critical look at the US & world, so this flick maybe an interesting & different & useful point of view to add to the mix. Looking forward to seeing it. I skipped United 93 when it played in theaters, but I do want to see that too at some point. I am going to see if I can find your review of U93.

– Sujewa

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